Friendly Fires call Conservatives ‘bunch of corrupt w*****s’ after Boris Johnson uses song at conference

Boris Johnson’s walk on music was the band’s ‘Blue Cassette’

Sam Moore
Wednesday 06 October 2021 16:57
Boris Johnson jokes about number of children Jacob Rees-Mogg has during Tory conference

Friendly Fires have attacked the Conservatives for using their song “Blue Cassette” at their party conference in Manchester.

Earlier today (6 October), Prime Minister Boris Johnson used the song as he walked on stage to give his speech.

The band have since responded using Instagram Stories to slam the political party for using their music without permission. They said: “We do not endorse the Conservative party’s use of our track ‘Blue Cassette’.”

The statement continued: “Our permission was not sought and we have asked our management to make sure it isn’t used again.”

A follow-up story from the band said: “If we’d have intended them to use it, we’d have named the track ‘Blue Bunch of Corrupt W*****s’.”

They also posted a picture of MP Jacob Rees-Mogg saying “food banks are uplifting” alongside the caption: “If Boris Johnson needed something uplifting to walk on to, perhaps he should have used the sound of a busy food bank.”

Johnson isn’t the first politician to be criticised by an artist for using their music for political purposes. Former president, Donald Trump, is currently being sued by Eddy Grant for using his hit “Electric Avenue” in a video mocking Joe Biden.

The Prime Minister has previously said that his favourite band are punk rockers The Clash.

The Conservatives are yet to reply to Friendly Fires criticising their use of the song.

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