Grammys 2015: From Sam Smith winning everything, to Beck winning something and Kanye West doing a Kanye...

Including surprise Prince, another Kanye West interruption (almost) and Nature Girl Kim Kardashian

Christopher Hooton
Monday 09 February 2015 06:37
Kristen Wiig and Maddie Ziegler dance during Sia's 'Chandelier' performance
Kristen Wiig and Maddie Ziegler dance during Sia's 'Chandelier' performance

It's Monday morning and you probably don't have the time to go over the minutae of individual Grammy awards and distended acceptance speeches, so here are the main talking points.

1. Sam Smith won everything for some reason

He collected four top awards including Song of the Year for Stay With Me, despite it copying a Tom Petty riff and being objectively not as good as Sia's Chandelier.

Referencing the time he cut Taylor Swift off to declare Beyonce's album the best of all time, he walked up to the podium as Beck accepted this year's award before turning back. Kanye has a sense of humour!

3. Kristen Wiig did the Sia dance

She performed with Maddie Ziegler in matching nude leotards.

4. Prince made a surprise appearance, apparently dressed as the late guru Sai Baba

'Albums still matter, black lives still matter' his introduction of the Album of the Year award began.

He called for an end to rape before a survivor of domestic violence gave a speech twinned with a Katy Perry performance.

Chris Brown still has his Grammy though.

5. Kim Kardashian hit the red carpet dressed as Nature Boy Ric Flair


The insane, apocalyptic version must be what plays in his head.

7. Joy Villa wore a dress made out of high-vis snow fencing

8. Sir Paul McCartney got caught dad dancing to ELO, promptly sat down

9. Beck won Album of the Year

Meaning we were spared hearing 'Stay With Me' for an 18th time that night.

Although a lot of people apparently don't know who he is.

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