Grimes comforts Charli XCX over Grammys and calls the ceremony ‘irrelevant’

The artist also said she’d previously tried to nominate the late producer SOPHIE and wasn’t allowed

Megan Graye
Tuesday 07 February 2023 09:38 GMT
Taylor Swift applauds Harry Styles' Grammys performance

Grimes has been comforting Charli XCX on social media after she expressed her confusion at not being nominated.

The 30-year-old pop artist released her fifth studio album Crash last March, but the singer was not included in the Grammy nominations.

“Me not being nominated for a grammy for crash is like mia goth not being nominated for an oscar for pearl and only further proves that people don’t wanna see hot evil girls thrive,” wrote the singer on an Instagram caption accompanied by a selfie.

Canadian musician Grimes was quick to jump in and comfort Charli for missing out, and used the opportunity to express her feelings about the 65-year-old ceremony.

“The Grammys are so irrelevant I wouldn’t even sweat it,” Grimes began on her comment.

“I stopped even clocking them in any capacity when I was on the producer of the year board and they would not allow me to nominate anyone who wasn’t on a prefabricated list that was exceptionally boring,” wrote the singer.

“I was one of three women and the only person under 40 for sure,” she said, adding: “It’s literally not a relevant thing.”

She then went on to explain how she had tried to nominate the late producer SOPHIE, but was told she couldn’t.

“I tried to nominate SOPHIE and was told that I wasn’t allowed,” she added.

SOPHIE, a scottish music producer, who died from a fall in 2021, was known for helping to pioneer the hyperpop genre.

Earlier this week, music fans were left bemused at the results of the Grammys after Harry Styles took home the award for Album of the Year.

While accepting the award on Sunday (5 February), the One Direction star made a remark that such awards rarely go to “people like” him.

“We beg to differ, Harry,” wrote on disagreeing fan. “Mediocre white men get glamourised, rewarded and awarded over exceptionally talented, amazing Black women like @Beyonce all day, every day. Case in point is this AOTY win. #GRAMMYs,” they tweeted.

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