Harry Styles donates to arrested Black Lives Matter activists: 'Being not racist is not enough, we must be anti-racist'

Singer shared a post in support of the people protesting against racism and police brutality around the US

Roisin O'Connor@Roisin_OConnor
Monday 01 June 2020 11:17
Lizzo offers support to Minneapolis protestors

Harry Styles is among the celebrities to express solidarity with Black Lives Matter protestors in the US, as he shared a statement about racism and pledged to donate to a bail fund for arrested activists.

“I do things every day without fear, because I am privileged, and I am privileged every day because I am white,” the solo artist wrote on his Twitter account.

“Being not racist is not enough, we must be anti-racist. Social change is enacted when a society mobilises. I stand in solidarity with all of those protesting.”

Styles also shared a Black Lives Matter poster and added in a second tweet: “I’m donating to help post bail for arrested organisers.

“Look inwards, educate yourself and others. LISTEN, READ, SHARE, DONATE and VOTE. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

Styles’s post comes after fellow artists including Lizzo, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Lorde and Nick Cannon shared their own statements on the protests sparked by George Floyd‘s death.

Lizzo wrote on Instagram: “I wonder what would happen if all the big companies and celebrities who have showed support on social media came out and used their platform to let activists and protesters speak and be seen?

“I wonder what would happen if we allowed the outrage to have positive influence in our local government? What would happen if those in power defunded the police & dismantled their racist culture and corrupt power structures? Cities are burning, are you watching? I stand with Minneapolis. I believe in us. Change is gonna come.”

In the accompanying video, Lizzo explained: “Black people, this is your daily reminder that it is not your job to educate people on racism and white privilege. It is exhausting and if they don’t see it or believe it by now, they don’t want to.

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“White people, this is your daily reminder that as long as you stay silent, you are part of the problem. I know you’re not racist but you have to be more than that, you have to be anti-racist. Speak up.”