Iron Maiden fans ‘hyped’ by behind-the-scenes video about new album Senjutsu

Fans were thrilled by the claim the album would be better than 2015’s ‘The Book of Souls’

Louis Chilton
Wednesday 11 August 2021 13:02
Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson complains about Brexit’s impact on musicians

Iron Maiden have shared a short film tracking the creation of their forthcoming album Senjutsu.

Last month, the veteran metal band released their first new track in six years, “The Writing On The Wall”.

In the film, frontman Bruce Dickinson, bassist Steve Harris and producer Kevin Shirley are seen talking about the album at the Guillaume Tell Studio in Paris.

“It’s been a very, very good experience,” said Dickinson, comparing the release to the band’s 2015 record The Book Of Souls, which was recorded in the same studio.

“I think this is a better album than Book of Souls. I really do. I haven’t heard it all back yet because I’ve been in the middle of doing it.”

“I think it’s more complex than Book of Souls,” he added. “It’s certainly more varied. And I think there’ll be a genuine couple of surprises. There’s one of two songs that’ll have people going, ‘Eh? Is that Iron Maiden?’”

“It’s part of the beauty of doing a new album,” said Harris. “We never know what we’re going to do, there’s no preconceived idea about what to do and it just is what it is.”

The video can be watched here.

Iron Maiden fans reacted excitedly to the update, sharing their thoughts in the comments and on social media.

“The ‘better than Book of Souls’ coming from Bruce makes me even more hyped,” commented one person.

“I don’t get hyped for anything anymore after 2020-21, Maiden is the only exception. Up the Irons!” wrote another.

“Iron Maiden is the only band on the planet that can make me feel like a kid when they release new material,” commented a third.

“‘Better than Book of Souls.’ Wow, you’re getting a little gutsy, Bruce!” wrote someone else. “Then again, when have they ever disappointed?”

Senjutsu is the band’s 17th studio album, and will be released on 3 September.

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