Jason Momoa shares excitement at Metallica’s S&M2 album: ‘It’s amazing’

'If you’re a Jason Momoa fan, you’re a Metallica fan'

Roisin O'Connor@Roisin_OConnor
Sunday 30 August 2020 16:16
Jason Momoa freaks out over Metallica live album
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Metallica joked that “heads are gonna roll” after actor Jason Momoa excitedly revealed his advance copy of the band’s S&M2 boxset.

The Aquaman star, who is a noted fan of the heavy metal group, posted on Instagram showing the special edition, which includes four LPs, two CDs, and a blu-ray documentary of the band’s 2019 concerts with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

“I got a really special present in the mail and I just want to show you some of it. It’s got everything in it, man. It’s amazing,” Momoa said.

Joking about the fact that he wanted to show some of his favourite scenes before the film’s release on Friday 28 August, he said: “What are they going to do, sue me? It’s Metallica! If they sued me I’d be like, ‘Dude! Metallica sued me! So rad!”

He added: “Don’t sue me. Big fan, big fan.”

“If you’re a Metallica fan, you’re a Jason Momoa fan. If you’re a Jason Momoa fan, you’re a Metallica fan.”

Metallica shared the video on their Facebook page, writing: “Wait a minute… who sent an early copy of S&M2 to this dude??? Heads are gonna roll!”

“Glad you diggit, bro!” the band added. “We hope everyone out there digs it too!”

Read our interview with Metallica here. S&M2 is out now.

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