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Kanye West: I hate blue

It's his least favourite colour on the spectrum. He simply can't abide by it.

Christopher Hooton
Wednesday 07 October 2015 14:19 BST

Goddamn I love Kanye West. While most other celebrities will clam up in interviews and give the absolute bare minimum of themselves, you know Kanye is always going to be enthusiastic, and go into detail about things like the musical inspiration he finds in a Corbusier lamp.

In his latest interview with SHOWstudio there were plenty more choice quotes, which range from the bizarre (shopping for furs aged five) to the enlightening (the Thanksgiving dinner metaphor for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)…

On the colour blue...

"I don’t use blue. I don’t like it. It bugs me out. I hate it.”

Just the worst.

On why he’s running for president...

"Certain things that I’m compelled to do in life, I don’t feel the need to find justification for."

On the artistic breakthrough that is Keeping Up With The Kardashians...

"I feel proud to be in a family that has, you know, so many people breaking ground for the generations to come. I just feel it's like, 'Whoa, reality show, that's so fucking new of an art form.' My wife and my family should've had plenty of Emmys by now... everybody I know watches it."


"‘Dark Fantasy’ is almost like an apology record. ‘Power’ was the least progressive song I ever had as a lead single. It was kind of piecing together what people liked about me to make a bouquet of what people loved. People talk about it like the way they love Thanksgiving dinner, but how long was that dinner cooked for? Great, you don't want anyone to change anything about Thanksgiving dinner. But 'Yeezus' got panned when it first came out, but you end up seeing how it influences things."

On Kim...

"My wife, she’s like MTV, NBC, all that combined. She’s number one Instagram… What we have is the highest level of communication that has ever happened in human existence."

On wanting to be a kid again...

"I just want to be five years old. When I was five years old, I picked out my outfit for kindergarten. I would go to discount to a discount furrier – my mom would bring me to a discount furrier – and I would keep grabbing furs. ‘What about this, Mom? What about this one?’ And they would always be too expensive, the ones I liked. So I just want to be five years old. I loved clothes before I knew a fuck about the fashion world."

On the sadness of running for the last bus...

"The other night I was driving in Paris and I saw these three high school kids running top speed. I didn't know if they were chasing a guy or what, but when they got up to the street there was a bus right there, pulling off and they were beating on the side of the bus. I looked at the time and it was 1am so that might be the last bus of the night and I was really saddened… Once you've felt that, then none of these fucking questions matter. When you've missed that last bus before, you don't give a fuck about any of this."

On his shoes...

"Is there a time when [you] can go on the Internet and find a shoe people want more than my shoes? Well, go fuck yourself then if it isn’t, and don’t ask me stupid shit like that again."

Watch the full interview:


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