Kanye West's SWISH announcement analysed by a handwriting expert

'Reading this, I’m not surprised that he’s a famous rapper'

Jack Shepherd
Monday 25 January 2016 15:52 GMT

Kanye West announced the track listing for his new album, SWISH, via a photo on Twitter, having scribbled down the song titles onto a notepad.

His writing, all in capitals and written using a thick black marker, is barely legible at times, with ‘Real Friends’ looking more like ‘Real D4ANSC’.

So what does this say about Mr West? Well, over at Dazed they asked a handwriting expert Adam Brand to analyse the handwriting with interesting results.

“Reading this, I’m not surprised that he’s a famous rapper,” he told the magazine. First, Brand notes the thick fibre pen is something often used by singers and actors “because it makes a strong impression – he definitely wants to make an impact on the world.”

“Negatively, you could also suggest that the use of a fibre-tip pen suggests you want to make an impression without having to do too much work! The overall effect is one of dominance.”

While he may be asserting dominance with his choice of pen, the closeness together of the letters hints at Kanye's warm nature. The writing on different levels “suggests he’s impressionable – he cares what people think about him.”

The capital letters, meanwhile, represent a “masked persona. He doesn’t necessarily want people to know the real him. Often when someone uses capital letters it means they put on a front, but underneath they’re quite a sensitive person.”

Brand - who did not know who Kanye was before being sent the note - also said the disconnected letters show an intuitive thinker, rather than logical.

So, in summary, according to his handwriting, Kanye wants to make a strong impression on the world, asserts his dominance, cares what others think, masks a sensitive persona and is a logical thinker. Does that line-up with your thoughts on the critically acclaimed rapper?

This isn't the first time a handwriting expert has analysed Kanye's handwriting: after his lyric sheet for 'Black Skinhead' appeared online Complex did a thorough analysis.

SWISH is out 11 February.

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