The Killers: Band’s legal team finds no evidence to support sexual assault claims against touring crew

Former sound engineer alleged she heard crew members boast about assaulting an unconscious woman in 2009

Ellie Harrison
Tuesday 04 August 2020 10:01
The Killers perform 'This Charming Man' at Glastonbury

The Killers’ legal team have said the accusations of sexual misconduct and assault against their touring crew are “entirely unfounded”.

The band set up an investigation last week after their former sound engineer, Chez Cherrie, alleged hearing crew members boast of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in a dressing room in Milwaukee in 2009.

Cherrie claimed that at the Rave/Eagles Ballroom there was “a girl set up in Dressing Room A,” and crew members could put their name on a list to be called “when it’s [their] turn.”

She wrote: “I cried that night in my bunk. I should’ve left the tour. I should’ve spoken up for that woman. I should’ve defended her... and made sure she was okay.”

After interviewing Cherrie, as well as staff at the Milwaukee venue and the alleged victim, lawyers at Reynolds & Associates found “no corroboration” of the claims, they told the BBC.

The legal team said Cherrie had “received much of the information she shared from a second or third hand source” and had not “witnessed the alleged events herself”.

Staff at the venue, meanwhile, said “dressing rooms are not, and have never been, labelled alphabetically, and at that time the dressing rooms were interconnected and without doors”.

The lawyers added that they spoke to the alleged victim, stating: “The guest in question confirmed that she and her friend were backstage after the show, did not witness any ‘train’ or ‘line-up’, nor were they left behind in the dressing rooms at the venue.”

The Killers, who are known for tracks including “Mr Brightside”, “Somebody Told Me” and “Human”, said they were “astonished and shocked” by the claims.

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The band requested that anyone with further information about the allegations contact them and pledged to establish a new system for reporting assault.

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