Madonna says gun control should be the ‘new vaccination’ following Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo deaths

‘Should be mandatory. It will SAVE LIVES,’ singer wrote.

Isobel Lewis
Sunday 18 April 2021 12:52

Madonna has called on Americans to treat gun control like “the new vaccination” following the deaths of Adam Toledo and Daunte Wright.

Protests and greater demands for police and gun control reform have come following the recent deaths of Toledo, 13, and Wright, 20, on 29 March and 11 April respectively.

On Saturday (17 April) night, Madonna shared photos and video footage of herself stood by a pink wall covered with the hashtags “#GunControlNow” and “#WakeUpAmerica”.

“There’s a new Vaccination!! Its [sic] called GUN CONTROL!” she wrote. “Should be mandatory. It will SAVE LIVES!”

In a second post, the singer continued: “Adam Toledo was 13 years old, Daunte Wright was 20! The Officers who killed them are only being charged with manslaughter. This is insanity. Horrific. And yet it has become normalised in our society.”

She added: “Yes-people kill people, not guns. But the vast majority of people are not enlightened and guns are too easy to own. If they were outlawed then no one would feel the need to own a gun to protect themselves from those who have guns.

“As for Police killing innocent children. Shooting and suffocating and brutalising innocent people............ They should go immediately to jail for the rest of there [sic] lives. No trial, no corrupt justice system.”

Earlier this week, Madonna hit back at an Instagram user who commented on her post about gun control, adding: “Of course your name is Karen” to her response.

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