Mariah Carey’s estranged older brother sues her for defamation over memoir

Morgan Carey accuses the singer of making defamatory statements in her 2020 memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey

Rachel Brodsky
Los Angeles
Thursday 04 March 2021 07:12
Mariah Carey Sued For $1.25M By Her Sister
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Mariah Carey’s older brother Morgan Carey is suing the singer over claims she made in her 2020 memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey.

According toTMZ, the singer's estranged brother claims Mariah damaged his reputation when she wrote about an allegedly violent struggle he had with their father, and an alleged attack against their mother.

He is now suing for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, a passage in the book reads: “It took 12 cops to pull my brother and father apart. The big bodies of men, all entangled like a swirling hurricane, crashed loudly into the living room.

“I was a little girl with very few memories of a big brother who protected me. More often, I felt I had to protect myself from him, and sometimes I would find myself protecting my mother from him too.”

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Another passage says: “Suddenly there was a loud, sharp noise, like an actual gunshot. My brother had pushed my mother with such force that her body slammed into the wall, making a loud cracking sound.”

According to court documents, Morgan argues that his sister’s descriptions depict him as violent and that the alleged fights with his father never happened when Mariah was young.

The performer’s brother, according to TMZ's knowledge, also claims that a number of people had witnessed the “deep love” he had for his mother and alleged that his sister contradicted herself in the book when she wrote the following: “Morgan is the only one I love.”


Carey is also being sued by her sister, Alison Carey, over what she calls “cruel and outrageous allegations” made in the memoir.

Carey describes Alison in the book as “brilliant and broken”, adding: “She chose to take up permanent residence in ‘Victimland’. The promise of her life was squandered in a tragic series of cheap bargains rather than being redeemed through the difficult, lifelong work of recovery and rebuilding oneself.”

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In Alison’s lawsuit, she claims that her sister did not allow her to respond to the claims made in the book, nor did she present “evidence to substantiate” the claims.

The Independent has reached out to Mariah Carey's representatives for comment.

Carey opened up about her relationship with her siblings, Morgan and Allison Carey, in an August 2020 interview with Vulture, commenting on their estrangement.

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“Here's the thing: They have been ruthlessly just heartless in terms of dealing with me as a human being for most of my life. I never would have spoken about my family at all had they not done it first,” Carey said.

“I have forgiveness in my heart, and so I forgive them, but I am not trying to invite anybody to come hang out over here. I think they're very broken, and I feel sad for them.”