Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars accused of plagiarising Uptown Funk, again

Apparently it sounds like 'Ulice Mracne Nisu Za Devojke'

Jack Shepherd
Wednesday 12 August 2015 13:26 BST

Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ hit single "Uptown Funk" soared to number one last year, it’s early 80’s style taking inspiration from a variety of sources.

Well, perhaps inspiration is a loose term for it, as it has been claimed more than once that the summer jam was outright stolen from other artists.

In May the duo gave a 17 per cent share of all publishing royalties to the Gap Band after it was disputed that Uptown had stolen from their song “Oops Upside Your Head.” Just listen to the 1979 funk classic below and think of the “Uptown funk you up” part of Ronson’s song. Almost identical.

Now, another artist is claiming plagiarism. Serbian artist Snezana Miskovic - who sings under the name Viktorija - has accused them of stealing “80 per cent” of her track "Ulice Mracne Nisu Za Devojke", translated as "English Dark Streets Are Not For Girls".

Viktorija told The Daily Star: "Their song "Uptown Funk" contains 80 per cent of my tracks. How much of it are you allowed to take as inspiration for your song?

"I'm in no hurry to sue them, these processes take a long time, and my life and career does not depend on lawsuits.

"For these lawsuits, there should be a lot of money, the lawyers are working on a percentage. If I still decide to sue them and I win, I have to figure out what to do with that money.”

Listen below to "Ulice Mracne Nisu Za Devojke" below.

And here's "Uptown Funk", in case you forgot what it sounds like.

Ever since the "Blurred Lines" lawsuit people have been rushing to sue artists they believe “copied” them. The distinction between “inspired by” and “copied” has become slightly blurred ever since.

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