Met Gala: Katy Perry attracts criticism for John Galliano dress at New York event

Designer was subject of controversy over an anti-Semitic rant at a cafe in Paris in 2011

Roisin O'Connor
Tuesday 02 May 2017 09:01
Met Gala 2017: Katy Perry steals the show

Katy Perry has attracted criticism for wearing a Maison Margiela dress by John Galliano to the Artisanal Met Gala.

As co-chair of the event it was expected that Perry would wear a striking design, but some fans have taken issue with the man behind it.

Galliano was sacked by Christian Dior in 2011 for "odious behaviour", after being arrested over a video which showed him making racist and anti-Semitic insults at a bar in Paris.

The video showed him insulting a group of Italian women nearby and declaring: "I love Hitler. People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers would all be f***ing gassed."

In September 2011 he was sentenced to pay a fine after being found guilty of making anti-Semitic remarks. He attributed his behaviour to alcohol addiction and sought rehab treatment.

In 2013, for the first interview given since the incident, Galliano said: "I am able to create. I am ready to create... [and] I hope through my atonement I'll be given a second chance."

While he has been welcomed back to the industry by several insiders, his role in such a high profile event has caused controversy.

Anna Wintour, the Met Gala's chairwoman, is a longtime supporter of Galliano and helped him to re-establish his career following his stint in rehab.

She was, according to The Telegraph, the person who orchestrated the celebrity-designer partnership between Perry and Galliano at this year's event.

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Perry also came under fire this week after revealing her collaboration with rap trio Migos - who have been accused of homophobia - just weeks after receiving an LGBT award.

According to Rolling Stone, Perry, who has a huge LGBT fanbase, said it was time to "lead with empathy and grace and compassion" at the Human Rights Campaign gala held last month.

She added: "I'll never cease to be a champion, an ally, a spotlight, and a loving voice for all LGBTQ-identifying people."

In another recent controversy, Perry was criticised for making what some claimed was a "racially-charged" joke about Barack Obama.

During an Instagram Live session, the 32-year-old read a series of fan questions, including one which said a fan missed Perry's "old black hair".

"Oh really?" Perry responded. "Do you miss Barack Obama as well? Oh, OK. Times change. Bye! See you guys later."

She then began laughing and turned to look at her friends before saying: "I should leave now."

Perry has not yet commented on the video.

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