Metallica play Antarctica: What other bizarre gigs have musicians played?

From Brian May on Buckingham Palace's roof to Lady Gaga's plans to play in space

Jess Denham
Sunday 08 December 2013 13:17 GMT

Their only UK gig of 2014 was announced last week as Sonisphere Festival in August, but before rocking Knebworth House, heavy metal giants Metallica are playing a one-off show in Antarctica today.

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In what will be "the only concert they've never played", the group will perform inside a dome near the heliport of Argentine Antarctic base Carlini.

In an effort to protect wildlife living on the ice, the show will be played without amplification. Headphones will be provided for the audience, a group of Latin American contest winners on a ten day cruise, as penguins are not believed hard rock fans.

Careful consideration has been made to ensure the gig meets environmental standards set by scientists working on the remote continent.

There are plans to share the footage at a later stage, in what will likely be the first Antarctic concert film in history.

Metallica have performed on all the other continents but Antarctica remains the only one where no foreign band has played. Fall Out Boy attempted to in 2008 but bad weather ruined their ambitious plans.

It's a "journey to the bottom of the earth", Metallica wrote on their website.

But the US group are not the only ones bucking the trend in terms of gig venue.

From Brian May's performance of "God Save The Queen" on the roof of Buckingham Palace to Arcade Fire turning up in a school cafeteria, here are some of the most bizarre places musicians have played.

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