Miley Cyrus dresses up as a giant baby for "BB Talk", probably the most disturbing music video of 2015

Please say this comes with free therapy. 

Clarisse Loughrey
Monday 14 December 2015 17:35 GMT

Miley Cyrus' new video for "BB Talk" features her dressed as a giant baby, rolling around in a diaper and singing "f*ck me so you stop baby talkin'"

Look, it's probably not worth explaining all the different levels on which an adult woman dressed as a giant baby, sucking her own toes while singing about intercourse, is disturbing. Those are things simply subconsciously understood before even a single frame of this video passes before any unfortunate victim's eyes. OK, so she's mulling over a past relationship in which an ex fixated on the use of childish language towards her; but, really, did we need to take the imagery to such a nightmarish level? 

This is truly the final stop of Cyrus' journey of the avant-garde, the irreversible point at which provocative sexuality has passed on into a full-on ethically-questionable underground fetish. And this isn't the first time she's visited the theme, having spent part of her mini-tour with the Flaming Lips dressed in a golden, thong onesie; before later appearing in a full fat baby suit sucking on a jeweled baby bottle before embarking on a stripping routine, diaper included. 

Though Jezebel's Tobie Gbile has made a strong argument that it's part of an outspoken critique of the place of women in the music industry, in which they're routinely infantilised or made to suffocate their natural intelligence in favour of innocence and helplessness; it's sort of difficult to swallow that defence when this video seems to lack even the slightest nod to irony or sarcasm, when it's just Cyrus making eyes at the camera while wearing a giant Bo Peep bonnet. The whole thing comes across far more like an ill-advised grab at controversy on the part of the video's directors, Cyrus herself and the director of the equally controversial "Blurred Lines" video, Diamond Martel. 

The video also features an odd amount of spoken word, an endless ramble about her too-sweet relationship littered with gems like, “You know it’s sweet and you couldn’t be more opposite of my last d*ckhead but you know I don’t know if I can get over the f*cking goo.”

The track features on the surprise album the musician dropped, entitled Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz; it's the second single from the record, following her earlier "Lighter". Which had a nice, trippy video that caused minimal nightmares and far more chilled out vibes. 

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