Noel Gallagher thought he would die after 'brutal panic attack' caused by cocaine

'I had a few brutal panic attacks, which is why I quit'

Annie Lord
Wednesday 13 May 2020 10:05 BST
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Noel Gallagher says taking cocaine “every night in the 1990s” left him hospitalised with psychosis and “brutal panic attacks”.

During an interview on Matt Morgan’s Funny How? podcast, the Oasis singer revealed he once thought he was going to die when rushed to hospital in America in the 1990s.

“I did have to check into hospital once” the 52-year-old said. “Imagine having the psychosis and having to have to go to hospital. They don’t understand a word you’re saying because of your accent and you’re like ‘I think I am on my way out’.”

He added: “I had a few brutal panic attacks, which is why I quit.”

The "Wonderwall" singer said he eventually managed to get clean in 1998 after a month-long break with then-wife Meg Matthews in Thailand.

Last year, Gallagher told the Irish Independent he now finds people on cocaine “boring”.

“You just know that when the coke comes out the night is going to take a shit turn" he said.

“It’s always like fun and games and once someone gets the coke out then all of a sudden it’s, ”Well, it’s time for me to go anyway, because this is now boring”.

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