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Over half of grime fans voted Labour in the general election, research finds

The #Grime4Corbyn campaign promised voters a ‘secret grime rave’ 

Ella Kemp
Wednesday 11 October 2017 11:06
A still from JME's video interview with Jeremy Corbyn
A still from JME's video interview with Jeremy Corbyn

Ticketmaster has released a study on grime music, revealing that 58% of grime fans voted for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the last election.

'State of Play: Grime Music' asked 2000 Brits to take part in the study, 168 of whom were found to be grime fans through their social media profiles.

Since Theresa May’s called for a snap election earlier this year, the UK grime scene has been speaking out in support of 67-year-old Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The subsequent high numbers in of grime votes in support of Labour could also be due to #Grime4Corbyn, with 24% of respondents admitting the campaign influenced their vote. The initiative involved several influential artists including JME, AJ Tracey, Novelist and Stormzy. In the lead up to the election, #Grime4Corbyn offered young voters the chance to attend a ‘secret grime rave’ if they were to give Labour their vote in the election.

Returning the favour to the campaign and beyond, Corbyn handed Stormzy his artist of the year award at the GQ Awards. Still cherished within the community, Corbyn was temporarily included as a member of grime crew Boy Better Know on their Wikipedia page, and Labour’s Manifesto (2017) was included in their discography.

The inclusion has since been removed, but the love affair between Labour and Grime is clearly here to stay.

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