Robin Thicke says he will never make music videos like ‘Blurred Lines’ again

Singer said he had ‘lost perspective on what was appropriate’

Ellie Harrison
Friday 12 February 2021 08:38
Robin Thicke didn't write Blurred Lines because because of drugs
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Robin Thicke has reflected on the controversial music video for his 2013 hit “Blurred Lines”, saying he will “never make” one like it again.

At the time of the track’s release, it was criticised by UK rape charities and online commentators for trivialising sexual violence, objectifying women and "reinforcing rape myths”.

The uncensored version of the video, which shows Thicke and his collaborators Pharrell Williams and TI dancing with models in nude thongs, was banned by YouTube.

Feminist blog The Vagenda branded the video “generally an orgy of female objectification”, while The Daily Beast’s Tricia Romano criticised the single as “kind of rapey”.

In a new interview with the New York Post, Thicke said: “I had lost perspective on my personal life and my music and what was appropriate… and why I was doing it.”

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He added: “We had no negative intentions when we made the record, when we made the video. But then it did open up a conversation that needed to be had. And it doesn’t matter what your intentions were when you wrote the song… the people were being negatively affected by it.

“And I think now, obviously, culture, society has moved into a completely different place. You won’t see me making any videos like that ever again.”

Thicke is a judge on the US version of The Masked Singer and his new album On Earth, and in Heaven is out now.

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