S Club 7’s Hannah Spearritt left ‘homeless’: ‘People think we’re millionaires but I had nowhere to live’

‘We didn’t have time to find another place,’ former popstar said

Jacob Stolworthy
Saturday 28 January 2023 12:11 GMT
S Club 7 perform at Boxpark Wembley ahead of Euro 2022 final

S Club 7 star Hannah Spearritt has revealed she was left “homeless” due to the UK housing crisis.

The singer and actor, who had chart-topping success with the pop group from 1998 to 2003, had to sleep in a friend’s office with her partner, personal trainer Adam Thomas, and their two young children at Christmas.

In a new interview, Spearritt, 41 said they had no choice but to move after a landlord, who had given them two months to leave their rented home in South West London, brought the move date forward.

The decision left them with two days to find a new place and, after finding a short-term rental, that property’s landlord asked them to pay £6,000 up front, which Spearritt called “crazy extortionate”.

“Our landlord needed the money and the property sold so fast,” she told The Sun. “We ended up with under two days to leave. What screwed us is we didn’t have time to find another place.

“We had somewhere over Christmas but ran out of time before we could move in. It was just a couple of weeks.”

Spearritt and Thomas, whose holistic café business in Twickenham recently stalled and needs additional building work done, used the empty property for storage space, but said they “had nowhere to go” so “stayed in our friend’s office”.

“We just used it as our living room,” she continued. “We could work in there and the kids played. It was extra space. The kids’ beds were there and we had the crayons out. The climbing frame was up; it was fun for them.”

“It was stressful but you deal with it, don’t you? Especially with the kids. Whatever doesn’t break you, as they say.”

Spearritt said of her S Club fame: “People think we must all be millionaires but sadly it’s just not true. It was what it was and we enjoyed ourselves at the time.”

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Hannah Spearritt has been affected by the UK housing crisis

The singer, who also acted in ITV series Primeval, said that the band ”were not on a good wage compared to the money being made” today.

Spearritt is currently not signed up to participate in the S Club reunion tours later this year due to a recent health issue.

“There is no point being paid pittance and getting exhausted,” she said, adding: “It has to be worthwhile and I have the kids to think about.” However, she stated: “I’d like them to see me up there.”

Remaining optimistic, Spearritt said: “The depths of life hit us; big hardships. But ultimately we’re still here. And the café will open. We’re looking forward to the future. So many people have had a difficult time.”

S Club 7 pictured in 2014

S Club 7 were formed by Simon Fuller. Their hit songs include “Bring it All Back”, “Never Had a Dream Come True” and “Don’t Stop Movin’”.

Spearitt’s bandmate Paul Cattermole once said that being in S Club 7 was “the worst situation to be in financially”.

He made headlines in 2018 after selling his Brit award on eBay for a reported £60,000.

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