Shakira claims people were watching and ‘not doing anything’ during wild boar attack

Singer and her son were accosted by two wild boars in a park earlier this year

Louis Chilton
Tuesday 02 November 2021 11:21 GMT
Shakira and son 'attacked' by wild boars in public park

Shakira has provided further details about the moment she was attacked by wild boars in Barcelona earlier this year.

The singer claimed that she and her son were ambushed by the animals in one of the city’s parks, while onlookers failed to come to their aid.

“It’s just crazy!” she said, in a new interview with Glamour, recalling the event.

“I was taking my son, Milan, for a walk in the park and I got him a little ice cream,” she explained. “We sat on one of those park benches and we were just minding our own business. And then two huge wild boars came from the back and ambushed [us] and took my purse!

“And I was like, ‘Oh, my God! Oh, my God!’ and screaming, because they were taking it away, with my phone in it, my car keys, everything! Like they could understand me! And people were just watching and they weren’t doing anything!”

Shakira claimed that the boars were after a sandwich, which she had prepared for her son.

“They started digging inside my purse…obviously my son’s sandwich was inside the purse, so that’s why they were so interested. So they took the sandwich and walked away and left my purse. It was wild,” she said.

Shakira previously described the incident on Instagram, revealing that she had “stood up” to the animals.

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