Sugababes: Keisha Buchanan claims producers ‘told’ her and Mutya to ‘fight each other’ in shocking interview

‘People would be appalled,’ said Mutya Buena of what was happening behind the scenes

Ellie Harrison
Sunday 03 October 2021 10:47
Keisha Buchanan says she was 'thrown under bus' after Sugababes exit by racist industry

Sugababes star Keisha Buchanan has claimed the girl band’s producers would encourage the singers to “fight each other”.

The group launched in 1998, with Buchanan, Mutya Buena and Siobhan Donaghy making up its three original members. Numerous fall-outs over the years saw the singers all leave their own band one by one, with rolling replacements, until 13 years later none of the initial line-up was left.

They were a long-term fixture in the British tabloids due to their several line-up changes and group infighting.

In a new interview with The Sunday Times Style magazine to promote the re-release of their debut album One Touch, Buchanan claimed that she and her bandmates were “told” to argue.

“There was one time when me and Mutya, we had this argument in Fulham, in a rehearsal studio, honestly I don’t know what it was about, and these two producers pushed us into a room together,” she said.

“They told us to fight each other. They pushed me and Mutya into a room together and — don’t say the names — said, right, you fight each other right now. And we wouldn’t, we refused. I will never forget just standing there in tears.”

Buena, who was also present in the interview, added: “Oh, people would be appalled if that happened now… I think they actually enjoyed letting us think that one of us was better than the other. People knew what to say to each one of us in private to keep it going.”

Buchanan said: “Someone around us thought, actually, this is kind of edgy. It wasn’t enjoyable, I don’t think it was a good idea at all. But I think they clocked on to the fact that it all added to the mystery, the interest, in the group, so it just carried on.”

The Sugababes were formed by All Saints manager Ron Tom and Sarah Stennett. Originally dubbed the Sugababies, the group’s name was tweaked when they were signed by London Records to give the group a more mature image. The group co-wrote most of the tracks on debut album One Touch with the help of All Saints producer Cameron McVey.

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The Independent has contacted McVey for comment, and is trying to make contact with Tom, Stennett, and London Records.

Sugababes achieved six number-one singles in total, “Freak like Me”, “Round Round”, “Hole in the Head”, “Push the Button”, “Walk This Way” and “About You Now”. The Spice Girls are the only British girl group to have had more.

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