Ted Nugent tests positive for coronavirus after calling pandemic a ‘scam’

‘I thought I was dying,’ musician said

Isobel Lewis
Tuesday 20 April 2021 14:02 BST
Ted Nugent tests positive for coronavirus after calling pandemic a ‘scam’

Musician Ted Nugent has tested positive for coronavirus months after he said that the virus was “not a real pandemic”.

In his Christmas message shared on social media in December, Nugent called the worldwide crisis a “scammy pandemic” and said that people who wore masks were “sheep”.

On Monday (19 April), Nugent revealed on Facebook Live that he had caught Covid-19, admitting that “everybody” told him that he shouldn’t announce his diagnosis.

“I have had flu symptoms for the last 10 days and I thought I was dying, just a clusterf***,” he said.

“Today is the 19th of April 2021 during clusterf*** pandemic... I was tested positive today. I got the Chinese s***.”

Former US president Donald Trump, whom Nugent publicly supported throughout his time in office, faced criticism for his repeated description of Covid-19 as the “Chinese virus”.

Describing his symptoms including a “stuffed-up head” and “body-aches”, Nugent continued: “My god, what a pain in the a**. I literally could hardly crawl out of bed the last few days… So I was officially tested positive for Covid-19 today.”

He then repeated previous comments that he wouldn’t be getting the vaccine because “nobody knows what’s in it”.

Last year, he told fans: “I ain’t taking no vaccine. You come at me with a needle and I will be in fear of my life. You know what I’ll do if you come at me with a needle. ‘Hi I’m from the government, this needle’s good for you.’ F*** you.”

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