The Big Reunion: Meet superband '5th Story' ft Gareth Gates and Dane Bowers

Adam Rickitt, Kenzie and Kavana make up the Nineties dream team

Daisy Wyatt
Thursday 06 February 2014 13:53 GMT
Superband 5th story: (L-R) Adam Rickitt, Kenzie, Gareth Gates, Kavana, Dane Bowers
Superband 5th story: (L-R) Adam Rickitt, Kenzie, Gareth Gates, Kavana, Dane Bowers (ITV)

Just when you thought you’d recovered from news about the formation of McBusted, a new supergroup has emerged promising to take 2014 by storm.

Dane Bowers, Gareth Gates, Adam Rickitt, Blazin Squad’s Kenzie and Kavana have come together to form new Nineties-Noughties dream team ‘5th Story’.

Brought together by the forces of ITV2’s Big Reunion, the five pop heavyweights hope to rise from the flames again after enjoying chart success over a decade ago.

Gareth Gates is the best-known of the five members, becoming the youngest male to enter the UK top 10 after coming second on Pop Idol in 2002.

Dane Bowers of four-man band Another Level had seven top 10 hits, and will be looking to rival the success of the band’s so-called ‘bonking anthem’ “Freak Me”.

Former Corrie star and teen-girl heartthrob Adam Rickitt, school boy tearaway Kenzie and “I Can Make You Feel Good” singer Kavana make up the rest of the band.

But their formation is not without the dramas seen in the show’s first series. Gareth Gates feels awkward that he and Dane Bowers have both dated glamour model Jordan, while Adam Rickitt is worried his vocals may not live up to Bowers and Kavana’s.

The band will be joined on The Big Reunion by soul trio Eternal, Nineties pop band A1, Jackson threesome 3T and the girl band that never really was, Girl Thing.

They may be ready for 2014, but is 2014 ready for them?

The Big Reunion 2014 starts tonight at 9pm on ITV2

5th Story: Adam Rickitt, Kenzie, Gareth Gates, Kavana, Dane Bowers

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