This fan’s viral Facebook love letter to Adele might be the most British thing ever

It reads like an anecdote on Take Me Out

Christopher Hooton
Friday 04 December 2015 16:23 GMT

The whole thing about tea and gin being quintessentially British is out of date, this woman’s account of a night spent howling along to Adele covered in her own sick is pretty much 2015 Britain in one Facebook post.

Stephanie Pope felt moved to post the thank you note to Adele on the event page of one of her upcoming concerts, and it’s attracted over 30,000 Likes in just 15 hours (warning: about a million swears).

Dear Adele.

'I had just split up with my 2 timing, lying, cheating dirt bag of a fiancée 2 weeks previous when you sang at the Brit Awards.

I still lived with the prick and went on a 'fuck you and your secret love child' night out with my mates. I had got pissed as a newt in an hour! Ya know when they say you get pissed quicker when your an emotional wreck?!.. Yeah it was one of those nights. Anyway, in my black dress, black tights, black heels, I came home crashing through the front door absolutely wasted, obliviously trailing dog shit on my shoes, right through my lovely hallway. I made my way to the kitchen bin where I puked my guts up and pissed my pants whilst doing so, I stumbled into the living room and pressed play on your recorded performance of 'someone like you' on the TV. I sang and cried at the top of my lungs, believing I was you as I belted out every word to the bastard In the doorway looking at me with disgust! He closed the door on me and went to bed! I didn't give a shit, I was pissed and I was a woman, with feelings, and a heart, and I deserved better. All I needed was me and you, because you understood! Lol!! We connected that night! There I was with dog shit on my shoes, sick on my dress, standing in pissy tights and pants, with zero dignity and not knowing a fuck what I was gonna do now. But in that instant you became me and I became you!!

Feels like a million years ago now but I just wanted you to know about it!!

I'm Now free of the ratbag ex fiancée and his (still secret) love child, totally cured and healed by the man of my dreams, my best buddy (and now husband). Thanks for helping me through it all.

All my love, respect and deepest thanks.


“I don't often bare my soul like such, but I was recalling this story tonight to my best mate Andrea, and I thought fuck it, this is funny! And Adele should know about it! “ she later added on her own page.

“I am sure we all have stories like this, and dog shit piss stained times in our lives that we look back at now and laugh…”

Adele has yet to respond to the somewhat dubious honour of being music to vom to.

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