'Wiping out badgers is murder!': Blue singer Lee Ryan in expletive-filled Twitter rant against badger cull


Daisy Wyatt
Tuesday 03 September 2013 16:01
Lee Ryan, from boy band Blue, has launched a Twitter rant opposing the badger cull
Lee Ryan, from boy band Blue, has launched a Twitter rant opposing the badger cull

Brian May has been joined by an unlikely fellow musician in his opposition to the Government’s badger cull.

Lee Ryan, from boy band Blue, launched into a lengthy Twitter tirade against the cull, despairing at the future of the human race and telling his followers he would "punch" anyone who pulled a trigger at a badger.

He began his rant by tweeting: “I f***ing hate the human race!! Karma is a b**** and us wiping out badgers is just murder! I hate everyone who thinks it’s right! F*** you.”

The 'One Love' singer continued: “One day we are gonna get struck down by god with [a] nasty f***ing virus & be slaughtered by human nature like we slaughter her children. Idiots.”

Ryan went on to show his passion for the cause by changing his profile picture to a badger. He said: “Yes I changed my picture to a badger. Doesn’t mean I am one I just feel like I need to show my support against killing them.”

His tweets provoked debate among his 114,000 followers, many of whom sent supportive messages to the pop star.

Philippa Dale said: "@leeryanmusic go you on supporting the badgers. Breaks my heart at what is going on! To wipe out 70% of the badger population is disgusting."

While others disagreed with Ryan, the singer said he was happy to have started a conversation on the topic.

"I tell you on thing, my page is buzzing with opinions. At least your all talking about the issue at hand. Job done! ;)"

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The Government last week began a six-week trial culling badgers in Somerset and Gloucestershire, which it hopes will reduce the amount of bovine tuberculosis in livestock.

If it is deemed to be humane, efficient and safe, the scheme will be extended across much of the country. Around 5,000 badgers are expected to be killed in controlled shootings.

Lee Ryan's take on the badger cull:

But Ryan didn't miss the opportunity to promote Blue's new summer album thanks to the 700 new followers he gained from his outspoken views.

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