Oasis reunion hopes raised after Noel and Liam Gallagher reach Christmas truce

Liam wished Noel a 'Happy Xmas' saying 'looking forward to seeing you tomorrow'

Maya Oppenheim
Wednesday 20 December 2017 13:00 GMT
Liam's tweets have sparked hopes that an Oasis reunion could arise
Liam's tweets have sparked hopes that an Oasis reunion could arise

Liam and Noel Gallagher’s feud has taken more twists and turns than a literal labyrinth.

From Liam hitting Noel over the head with a tambourine and threatening to quit Oasis to Liam changing the lyrics of a song so they were offensive to Noel, the sibling spat has become nearly as infamous as their old band Oasis.

But the Brit-pop brothers have now thrown the world another curveball and appeared to reach some sort of Christmas ceasefire.

Younger brother, Liam, 45, wished Noel, 50, a "Happy Xmas" on Twitter, saying "looking forward to seeing you tomorrow".

Asked by a fan if he would have a meltdown on Twitter if Noel ceases to get in touch on Christmas day, he replied: “He's already reached out.”

To the delight of fans, he added: “We’re all good again”.

Liam's tweets have sparked hopes an Oasis - who split in 2009 - reunion could arise.

One said: “Please let this be it! Come on Oasis reunion!! Have a wonderful Christmas Liam Gallagher love to all your family and Noel Gallagher you're both amazing rock and roll stars!!”

Another said: “Sounds to me like an Oasis reunion is on the cards?”

One more added: “NG??? Do I see an Oasis reunion on the horizon???”

The brother’s tumultuous relationship has taken something of a more unusual turn in recent years with Liam subjecting Noel to potato-based insults, calling him a “Pouting potato” at one point.

But last month Liam confessed to missing his brother, saying he did not like going on stage without him.

He told FAULT magazine: "'I don’t want to be solo. I don’t want to do it on my own - I’m not a guitar player or a prolific songwriter."

Confessing he wanted to make up in October, he told the Sunday Mirror: "I hope we make up. Not just for Oasis but for brothers. Enough is enough now.

"I know I wind him up. I have put it out there enough times, but I think he doesn't want to know. I reckon we would have to meet up and hug it out, as they say."

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