Album: Field Music, Plumb (Memphis Industries)


Andy Gill
Friday 10 February 2012 01:00 GMT

There's an awful lot of music crammed into Plumb's 35 minutes, but it's rarely organised into the most attractive shapes – and on the few occasions it is, they alter course within seconds and head off in some less appealing direction.

"Start the Day Right" opens the album with sunrise strings and twinkling keyboard details, but 40 seconds in, that's abandoned for the emptily circuitous prog riffing and serpentine vocals that characterise the core Field Music style. It's like Supertramp, but not super. The best tracks are all too short: the piano and dulcimer miniature "Prelude to Pilgrim Street", the a cappella cameo "How Many More Times?" and the tiny evocation of loneliness "Ce Soir". But they don't seem to know how to develop these ideas without crowding them with others.

DOWNLOAD THIS Prelude To Pilgrim Street; How Many More Times?; Ce Soir

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