Album: Lawson Trio The Long Way Home Prima Facie bbb


Andy Gill
Thursday 04 October 2012 15:00

The debut release from the Lawson Trio comprises world-premiere performances of contemporary works by such as Anthony Powers, David Knotts and Mark-Anthony Turnage, putting the young piano trio through the full gamut of techniques and textures.

The precipitous, jagged progress of Camden Reeves's "The Dead Broke Blues Break" is likened by the composer to a stylus jumping on a battered old blues record, while Turnage's "A Fast Stomp" shifts from energetic pizzicato to harrowing piano clusters. David Knotts's title-suite blends tolling-bell piano with wistful strings, and Anthony Powers' "Piano Trio", is a brooding suite built around traditional folksongs on troubling themes, culminating in a confident, satisfying resolution.

Download: A Fast Stomp; Piano Trio; The Long Way Home

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