Album: Marianne Faithfull, Live at the BBC (Decca)

Nick Coleman
Sunday 23 October 2011 06:19

Faithfull's early pop career was as coolly, poshly, folksily soignée as any early pop career has ever been: a sonic emblem of the unreachability of a certain archetype of feminised English romanticism:

a gently vibrating watercolour voice framed with acoustic arpeggios and trickles of harpsichord. Here are 40 minutes' worth of Marianne's broadcast performances from the mid-60s Beeb, hilariously interviewed by Brian Matthew: "As Tears Go By", "This Little Bird", "Go Away from My World" plus the tinklings of wedding bells, pregnancy and new birth. English pop music and no mistake.

Pick of the Album: 'Go Away from My World': the 'Saturday Club' version

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