Abandoned buildings seen reclaimed by nature after humans leave, in collection of eerie photos

Photographer travelled all over Europe seeking overgrown sites

Liam James
Friday 28 June 2019 14:18 BST

A series of photographs have been released that show buildings reclaimed by after their abandonment by humans.

Taken at dozens of neglected sites around Europe, the images show mansions, churches and hotels that have become overgrown with vines and weeds.

Roman Thiery, the photographer, has visited over 150 locations across the continent since he began this series in 2009.

Thiery started out by identifying the abandoned buildings on Google Earth, but has also relied on help from friends around the world.

“I want to show this relationship between abandoned places and time,” he said.

“In a clash between man and nature, it currently seems that nature is losing the battle. But when humans are not around – it doesn’t take long before nature starts taking over.”

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