Incredible pictures show British countryside looking like the set of a sci-fi film

Each location looks almost unrecognisable in the Devonshire woodland

John Bett
Sunday 14 February 2021 00:01 GMT

Photographer Neil Burnell, 45, has spent years shooting settings in a unique way, which he admits was inspired by Star Wars – particularly Yoda’s refuge on Dagobah.

The images fall into six themes: Visions, Chrome, Unknown, Delicate, Deep Blue, and Mystical.

The Mystical collection comprises of atmospheric images of Wistman’s Wood in Devon. “I tend to make my images a bit more surreal than an ‘out the camera’ shot,” Burnell says.

“With the woodland, I look for a certain light so I know how to process it and give it a painting type feel – but you could also say it looks a bit sci-fi.

“I tend to shoot towards background light, that works for me.

“With the Wistman’s Wood images, when I first started shooting I remembered going there as a child.

“At that time Star Wars had just come out and I remember thinking it looked like Dagobah from The Empire Strikes Back.

“When I went back I suppose I was inspired heavily by that.”

The Mystical collection features in a book which you can purchase here

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