Beautiful water droplet photos captured with creative technique

Liam James
Thursday 13 June 2019 15:13 BST

A photographer has captured a set of pictures of water droplets using an optical trick.

Flowers are seen trapped inside droplets of water, creating vibrant images.

Canadian Don Komarechka shot the photos in a home studio set-up composed of a bowl of water, a flower, a stem or a blade of grass and - in some cases - an insect.

The sight is caused by positioning a flower in the background so that it is refracted through the droplets when viewed from the right position.

Mr Komarechka applied the drops of water to the stems using a hypodermic needle and then captured the pictures through a macro lens.

Each image took hours to create. The stems were liable to bend while the tiny drops of water would quickly evaporate and introducing insects only served to make the process more tricky.

Mr Komarechka has spent years working with macro-photography as well as time spent at the BBC, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.

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