Sunday 23 October 2011 00:22

Rob Roy (15). Unexpectedly, one of the movies of the year. Michael Caton-Jones's beautifully crafted epic has all the salt and style that Braveheart lacked. Liam Neeson plays the Highland chieftain, as resolute as an oak against the squalls of English oppression. Tim Roth and John Hurt are superb as his Sassenach adversaries. Jessica Lange is the one disappointment as Rob's bonnie lass. Best of all is the earthy script, by Alan (Night Moves) Sharp. It sounds as if it might have been given a polish-up by a writer named James Boswell. Not one for the more squeamish though.

Milk Money (12). Few comedies can have been more misconceived. Melanie Griffith plays a hooker, hired by some kids to teach them the facts of life, and help them with a class assignment. The ensuing mess is merely embarrassing. Quentin Curtis

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