Oprah's Golden Globe speech: 'For too long women have not been believed'

Steven Spielberg supports Oprah Winfrey for US president 2020

‘I think Oprah Winfrey would make an absolutely brilliant president’

Clarisse Loughrey@clarisselou
Friday 12 January 2018 09:36

In this Trumpian world, where literally anyone or any inanimate object would be better than the current president, people have turned to a wide range of individuals for salvation.

Specifically, Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globes speech was so refreshingly sensible compared to the current ramblings pouring out of the White House, that the media mogul’s words sounded like the most presidential thing people had heard in months. And, suddenly, the hashtag #Oprah2020 was born.

Winfrey would certainly have her legion of backers, with reports saying the star was “actively considering” putting herself forward as a Democratic candidate.

Steven Spielberg chimed in with his support when asked by The Guardian on Thursday, commenting: “I think Oprah Winfrey would make an absolutely brilliant president. If she declares, I will back her.”

“She is crackerjack on the money on women’s issues and I call her the ambassador of empathy,” he added. “And our country could use a dose of empathy right now.” Asked if Winfrey had the right set of skills to run the country, Spielberg pointed out: “Does our current president have the skill set to be president?”

Meryl Streep also reiterated her support of the idea, stating: “Whether she is leading us to the candidate we need of whether she herself is a candidate, she sets the bar pretty high on campaign talk.”

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