<p>Sissy Spacek: ‘I represented the young everywoman of the Seventies, and then one thing led to another...’ </p>

Sissy Spacek: ‘I’m shy, so the Carrie shower scene was terrifying’

The Oscar-winning star of ‘Carrie’ and ‘Badlands’ talks to Adam White about being cast as ‘the young everywoman of the Seventies’, her new sci-fi drama ‘Night Sky’, David Lynch, and why she’s still prone to contemplating infinity



How Call My Agent! turned into the British remake Ten Percent

‘W1A’ creator John Morton and a cast that includes Jack Davenport, Lydia Leonard and Prasanna Puwanarajah talk to Olivia Petter about the differences between France and Britain and the ‘comedy in the white lies that are told to lubricate the cogs of this industry’

Buzzkilling Eve: How did the BBC’s great thriller go stale so quickly?

What was once gleeful genre indulgence has long-since tipped over into daft melodrama, writes Louis Chilton. The towel should have been thrown in long ago




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