Alice Ripley: Broadway star accused of ‘grooming’ young fans

The performer denies the allegations against her

Sam Moore
Friday 20 August 2021 15:33
Alice Ripley: Broadway star accused of ‘grooming’ young fans

Broadway star Alice Ripley has been accused by four people of “grooming” and acting inappropriately towards them while they were minors.

TikTok personality Brie Lynn became the first person to speak publicly about the alleged behaviour of Ripley, 57, in a video posted to the social media platform earlier this week.

“Our first conversation was about a photo of you in lingerie,” she alleged, referring to Ripley. “I was 12 and when I was 13 you told me that the first time we locked eyes you felt like the world stopped.”

Lynn went on to claim that the Tony Award-winning actor had “constant inappropriate interactions” with her.

A further three people then came forward to accuse Ripley of manipulating them. One, who wished to be identified by her middle name of Liz, told The Daily Beast: “I felt like I was in a cult, the cult of Alice Ripley.”

Liz, who is an aspiring actor, went on to claim: “She finds people who are desperate for love, and she figures out how to fill that hole and then manipulates them with it.”

Another accuser, going by the name of Meredith, commented on her feelings after watching Lynn’s video: “In the last 48 hours, I realise there are also other individuals who are my demographic who have also felt literally traumatised by this relationship.”

A fourth accuser, named Leo, describes interactions with Ripley as being “very intimate” in nature.

Ripley said in a statement: “Recently, a claim has been made online against me. There’s absolutely no validity to any of it. I appreciate everyone’s continued support.”

All four claim the Next to Normal actor took advantage of them. Some claim she was like a “mother figure” whilst others said they fell in love with her.

None of the accusers have accused Ripley of engaging in physical sexual activity with them.