Read Hamilton cast's surprise statement to Vice President-elect Mike Pence in full

'We are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us,' stated Brandon Dixon

Clarisse Loughrey
Monday 21 November 2016 09:38 GMT
Mike Pence is told ‘We are the diverse Americans anxious you will not protect us’

US Vice President-elect Mike Pence was greeted with boos at a performance of Hamilton in New York, before the cast calmed the room so one of the actors could read an open letter to the governor.

Brandon Dixon - who plays Vice President Aaron Burr in the musical - delivered a message of peace, and a plea to respect diversity, on behalf of the cast after the show.

You can read the full statement below.

"You know, we have a guest in the audience this evening. Vice President-elect Pence, I see you walking out but I hope you hear just a few more moments. There's nothing to boo, ladies and gentlemen. There's nothing to boo. We're all here sharing a story of love. We have a message for you, sir, we hope that you will hear us out."

"And I encourage everybody to pull out your phones and tweet and post because this message needs to be spread far and wide. Vice President-elect Pence, we welcome you and we truly thank you for joining us here at Hamilton: An American Musical. We really do."

"We, sir, are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us: our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. But we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us. All of us."

"Thank you truly for seeing this show, this wonderful American story told by a diverse group of men, women of different colours, creeds, and orientations."

Though Donald Trump has accused the cast of Hamilton of both "terrible behaviour" and "harassment" against Pence; the Vice President-elect himself broke with Trump and stated the show was an "incredible production", and that the audience boos were "what freedom sounds like".

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