Love Island: Hugo claims certain scenes with Jake and Millie were cut ‘to protect Jiberty’

Audiences were apparently not shown moments that would harm their perception of Jake and Liberty

Annabel Nugent
Saturday 21 August 2021 12:06
Love Island: Liberty and Jake break up and leave villa after final date

Love Island star Hugo Hammond has claimed that certain scenes of Jake Cornish did not air in order to “protect ‘Jiberty’”.

Hammond – who was dumped from the villa earlier this month (5 August) – took to the video sharing platform TikTok to share his insights into the programme.

The former PE teacher claimed that Jake had been romantically interested in bombshell Millie Court, who was a late entry to the series.

Hammond said that scenes showing Jake pursuing Millie and Liberty being upset were cut from the show in order to protect Jake’s relationship with Liberty in the viewers’ eyes.

The TikTok video, in which Hammond is seen staring out of a window, is accompanied by text reading: “When Lib pulls you for chats after Jakey wanted to get to know Millie but the show didn’t air it to protect ‘Jiberty’ and now this happens.”

Yesterday’s episode (20 August) saw long-time couple Jake and Liberty – playfully referred to as “Jiberty” – split up after Liberty said she did not believe that Jake loved her.

Both contestants exited the series ahead of the finale on Monday (23 August).

Hammond captioned the post: “Imagine what could have been.”

The 25-year-old, however, clarified that he is only “assuming” the reason behind why the producers chose not to show the scenes of Jake and Millie.

“I don’t actually know why it never got aired. But this is my assumption,” Hammond wrote in the comments.

Love Island continues on Sunday 22 August at 9.00pm on ITV2.

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