Attack on Titan: 5 things you need to know

Attack on Titan Season Two is fast approaching, here’s five things to know about the popular anime

Brett Phipps
Monday 19 October 2015 11:01 BST

Attack on Titan has quickly become one of the most popular manga and anime titles. Many fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of the second series of the show, but for those yet to discover what exactly it is, below is a list of five things that’ll help fill you in on all the key information.

What is Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan is a popular Japanese manga and anime, telling the story of a world where humanity exists inside a restrictive land protected by incredibly high concrete walls, in order to protect inhabitants from the man-eating giants that exist throughout the outskirts of the city.

The story focuses on Eren Yeager, a young boy who dreams of enlisting in the scout regiment, a group whose job is to both protect the city and head beyond the walls to learn more about and kill the Titans.

In the first episode, the Titans break through the city’s out wall, invading Yeager’s home, destroying his village and eating his mother, leaving only him, his adopted sister Mikasa and childhood friend Armin to retreat deeper into the heart of the city.

What is the release date of Attack on Titan Season Two?

While a concrete launch date hasn’t been confirmed, sources indicate that the show is set to debut in 2016.

Has there been any story information for Attack on Titan Season Two?

While the producers of the anime have sought to keep the plot of the new series a secret, a reported two and a half minute trailer has been leaked. The International Business Times reports that the trailer premiered during the Attack on Titan movie in Japan.

It is believed that Season Two will focus on Chapter 34 (Soldiers Dance) of the manga series, focussing on Hanji Zoe, a character prominent in the scout regiment of the first series.

What is the Attack on Titan movie?

The first series of the anime proved very popular with fans, however, a live-action movie of the show wasn't so well-received. The film was widely criticised, and the manga’s creator Hajime Isayama wanted to find out why.

“As for the impressions and reactions of those who were excited about the movie, I want to take in the favorable opinions and also the indignant ones, if only to understand them,” he told Yahoo! News (via Kotaku).

How can I watch Attack on Titan?

The first series of Attack on Titan is currently available on Netflix in the UK. Alternatively, DVD box sets of the first series can also be purchased at retail.

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