Made in Chelsea season 7: What can we expect from Lucy Watson, Spencer Matthews, Jamie Laing and co?

Our favourite posh twenty-somethings are back causing drama in SW3

Jess Denham
Monday 07 April 2014 16:54
Look who's back, back again: Made in Chelsea season 7 starts on E4 on Monday 7 April
Look who's back, back again: Made in Chelsea season 7 starts on E4 on Monday 7 April

Tonight, our favourite posh twenty-somethings will be back in SW3 for another round of awkward silences, social mishaps and hook-ups with one another’s exes.

There’s been little word on whether any new characters will be popping up, but rest assured, the eternally-smarmy, ever fake-tanned Spencer Matthews will be back and Francis Boulle should have stopped fannying about in Ghana by now.

Last series ended in a fairytale flurry of horse-drawn carriages, kisses and declarations of love between Lucy Watson and Mr Candy Kittens himself, Jamie Laing. But if Twitter is anything to go by (it often is as far as MIC is concerned), the stars soon misaligned for the hot new couple on the block.

Other goings-on to recall included Victoria being a first-class b***h (primarily to Cheska but no-one's safe), Phoebe and Fran finally making amends over Alex, said Alex making things official with Binky, Louise and Andy attempting to move on from their general shocker of a relationship and Mark Francis being so pretentious you’d think he was hamming it up, but we just aren’t sure that he is.

As the seventh series in three years prepares to kick off, here are some predictions for what to expect from our champagne-swigging socialites:

Fans have been tweeting their excitement, with one viewer, Daisy Buchanan even penning a poem in tribute:

"Today Mark Vandelli is back on the telly/ With Spenny and Biscuits and Boulle/ Take me to the pardy or else I'll get mardy/If you miss MIC you're a fool."

Made in Chelsea series 7 begins tonight at 10pm on E4

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