Game of Thrones theories: Does Varys rings scene spell trouble for Daenerys?

Speculation about the final episode has reached frenzy point

Roisin O'Connor
Thursday 16 May 2019 09:59
Daenerys sentences Varys to die - Game of Thrones

*Spoiler warning for Game of Thrones season 8, episode 5*

Ahead of the final ever episode of Game of Thrones, fan theories are spreading like dragon fire.

We’ve already seen one that claims a major character presumed to have died in season 8, episode 5 could in fact still be alive.

Another speculates that Bran Stark warged into the horse that saves his sister Arya in the closing scene of the latest episode.

But one of the biggest scenes that fans were wondering about was the one where Varys (RIP) takes off his rings before going to his execution, after Daenerys learns that he betrayed her.

Varys removes his ring in Game of Thrones season 8, episode 5

It seems strange that Game of Thrones showrunners would pay such close attention to the rings if they weren’t going to have significance in the future. And unfortunately fans have worked out that this could spell trouble for Dany.

After the newly anointed Mad Queen went apocalyptic at King’s Landing and slaughtered thousands of innocents in her quest for revenge on Cersei, fans are wondering which character will be able to stop her.

While some are speculating it will either be Jon Snow or Arya, others are wondering if a surprise twist is in store involving Varys and his little birds.

Varys was pretty open about his wish that Jon take the Iron Throne instead of Daenerys, to the point where he seemed to be trying to poison her in one of his final scenes. “Has she eaten?” he asks his little bird, Martha, who works in the kitchen. “Never mind, we’ll try again at supper.”

But when Varys hears Grey Worm and the Unsullied soldiers approaching his room, he calmly removes his rings – the focus on one studded ring in particular – and drops them in an empty chalice on his desk.

Fans speculate this ring could hold the same poison that Olenna Tyrell used to murder Joffrey at his wedding, which was kept in a jewel on Sansa’s necklace

Varys was pretty tight with Olenna, so is it possible that he was attempting the same thing with Dany as she did with Joffrey? And who would carry out the poisoning, a little bird, or perhaps Tyrion given he’s now seen the carnage his queen has brought to King’s Landing?

You can find a ranking of every character – from worst best – here and the same for every episode below.

The final episode of Game of Thrones will be available on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV in the UK on 20 May.

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