Line of Duty star identifies clue ‘hiding in plain sight’ which points to Steve Arnott’s fate

Actor Craig Parkinson explained how the show may have already teased a major character death

Louis Chilton
Thursday 01 April 2021 10:15
Line of Duty series six trailer

Former Line of Duty star Craig Parkinson has shared his prediction for the show’s sixth series – and it includes a major character death.

Parkinson played the role of Matthew “Dot” Cottan, the corrupt police officer known as “The Caddy”, in earlier series of the hit BBC drama.

Now, he serves as host of the BBC’s Obsessed with Line of Duty podcast, which is being released alongside the show’s currently airing new series.

Speaking on the podcast, Parkinson singled out the show’s tagline as a clue for what was to come that was “hidden in plain sight”.

“Something that’s been hiding in plain sight is the overall tag for season six says ‘Lies cost lives’. It’s already scaring me, I feel something tragic is going to happen to some character that we love.

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“‘Lies cost lives’. What the hell are we going to do if something happens to Kate, Steve or Ted? Let’s just put those three in the mix right now. That’s my worry. There has to be something.”

After the show’s guest Jessie Cave speculated that the series’ casualty would be DI Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure), Parkinson said he disagreed, instead singling out Martin Compston’s Steve Arnott.

“You know who I think might be heading for the chop? Poor Steve.”

Martin Compston as Steve Arnott in Line of Duty

Line of Duty continues on BBC One at 9pm every Sunday.

The first two episodes of the series have already thrown up a host of fan theories, with some people convinced they’ve discovered a link which ties the newly introduced DCI Joanne Davidson (Kelly Macdonald) to last season’s John Corbett (Stephen Graham).

Meanwhile, some Line of Duty fans also believe they have guessed the identity of a mysterious voice heard in an audio recording on the phone of murdered journalist Gail Vella.

Also, a background detail in episode two was also spotted by some eagle-eyed viewers, revealing that DI Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) knows more than she’s letting on.

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