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Line of Duty: Martin Compston and Vicky McClure react to popular fan theories about the show

‘All these wild theories… some are pretty close,’ Compston says

Louis Chilton
Friday 30 April 2021 06:30

Martin Compston and Vicky McClure have reacted to some of the popular fan theories about Line of Duty’s sixth series.

Appearing on this Saturday’s (1 May) episode of The Jonathan Ross Show ahead of the series finale on Sunday (2 May), the actors discuss some of the biggest theories that had been going around.

“The reactions have just been great,” Compston tells Ross. “All these wild theories… some are pretty close!”

“We kind of wind people up a little bit, we know what’s coming,” McClure adds.

Ross mentions the theory that Patricia Carmichael (Anna Maxwell Martin) had in fact tapped out the morse code for “H” during last week’s episode, hinting that Carmichael is the corrupt police officer formerly known as “H”.

“Hmm that’s very interesting, yeah. Very, very interesting…” says McClure in response.

It’s then suggested that Jimmy Lakewell provided an anagram hint about the identity of H, which was decoded by fans to reveal the name “Carmichael”.

Compston laughs, and says: “Do you know what I love about that one? It’s so spot on, but that line never got said… blew my mind. Jed [Mercurio] said, ‘No, that line never happened.’”

Finally, Ross puts forward the comical suggestion that Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) is in fact a ghost, whom only Kate Fleming (McClure) and Steve Arnott (Compston) are able to see.

“I think opposed to sixth sense, that one’s no sense,” says Compston.

The Jonathan Ross Show airs at 9.35pm on ITV on Saturday 1 May.

Line of Duty concludes at 9pm on BBC One on Sunday.

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