Love Island gossip round-up: Brad and Lucinda date, Teddy has royal connection and Toby shares bizarre theory

From reignited couples to trolling warnings

Isobel Lewis
Monday 02 August 2021 12:19
Love Island's Toby says that he believes you can wish for a bigger shoe size

After an eventful week of dumpings, kisses and Casa Amor in the villa, everyone is still talking about Love Island.

With 10 new islanders joining the show as the contestants divided into two, this week proved to be the most explosive yet.

And while things are kicking off inside the villa, there’s just as much going on on the outside.

Here’s some of the biggest gossip surrounding Love Island that you might have missed...

Lucinda and Brad reconnect out of the villa

While Lucinda may have left the Love Island villa as part of her couple with Aaron, it’s former flame Brad that she’s been getting to know again since leaving the show.

The pair were photographed holding hands while leaving a nightclub in Brighton over the weekend, suggesting that they are dating again.

However, it made things a little awkward when Lucinda and Aaron appeared on Sunday’s episode of Aftersun together, during which the pair said they were “just friends”.

Teddy is a prince (no, really)

It’s not often we get actual royalty in the Love Island villa, but Teddy let slip in this week’s Unseen Bits that he used to be a prince.

Talking about his Nigerian heritage with Aaron and Tyler, Teddy revealed that he was once a prince in the country’s Delta State, but the death of his grandfather removed the connection.

“It’s like a village, it’s within the Delta State village,” he explained. “So my grandad has obviously passed away so I’m no longer actually prince, I was a prince.”

Love Island viewers asked to stop sending hate to Lillie

Lillie, Liam’s fling from Casa Amor, may have made an appearance during Sunday night’s episode to set the record straight with Millie, but her family and friends are clear that she shouldn’t be receiving any hate on social media.

In a statement shared on her Instagram over the weekend, they urged Love Island viewers not to troll Lillie, writing that she was “perfectly entitled” to get to know the boys in Casa Amor.

“Both Jake & Teddy made it very clear they wanted to return to their girls and slept on the day beds, so full respect to those guys. The other lads wanted to get to know the new girls, share their beds and kiss them etc,” they wrote.

“Only one person has behaved badly towards Millie and it most definitely was NOT Lillie.”

Toby reveals bizarre shoe size theory

Since he’s entered the villa, Toby has made his fair share of weird comments, usually in regards to his many complicated love triangles.

But, in another clip from Unseen Bits, the footballer revealed a bizarre theory he has: that you can control your shoe size with your mind.

“I have a theory that foot size is down to your mental state,” he told his fellow islanders. “I feel like… you could dictate the size of your foot due to your thoughts.”

Asked by Kaz whether he was talking about manifesting, Toby continued: “When I was younger, I used to always think, ‘I want to be a size 10’... and then I got to a size 10, I said, ‘I want to be a size eight, I want to be a size nine’ and my feet shrunk.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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