What happened in Love Island last night? Liam dumped, Toby torn and still no apologies

Millie’s meeting with Lillie showed Liam he couldn’t have his cake and eat it

Elise Bell
Monday 02 August 2021 15:23
Love Island: Lillie drops revelation right after Millie and Liam re-couple

In 2010, Psychological Science published new research indicating that men apologise less than women. Though these results will surprise precisely no one, the ground-breaking study also found that not only do men apologise less, but that men also have a higher threshold for what constitutes offensive behaviour. In the words of Elton John, sorry really is the hardest word.

For Liam, an apology was well overdue as he attempted to make amends to Millie after Friday night’s bombshell announcement. Like a modern-day Icarus, Liam seemed to fly too close to the sun, his cockiness getting the better of him before tumbling back down to earth, all mashed bones and burnt fingers. Instead, it was up to Millie to pick up the pieces, her trust broken and crucially, the magic of their relationship gone. Yet more was still to come.

Never has a hunk known terror so intensely as Liam the moment Millie’s phone pinged. Here is a man who has lied through his teeth, who really thought he could have his cake and eat it, tidying away his Casa Amor affair in a box titled “LADS HOLIDAY” never to be spoken of again. Have these boys literally ever watched this show? Do they not understand how these things work?

With Lillie recounting the details of her tryst with Liam, it looked like their relationship was hanging in the balance. Finally, he will fess up, finally he will apologise, maybe the boys will even encourage him to! Wait a second…

This is a recurring theme in Love Island. There are no apologies. Even Tyler couldn’t bring himself to apologise: yes, he had f***ed up, but that really this was all part of a test. As Liam crawled to his boys asking their advice, not one of them suggested the simplest, easiest five letter word, instead identifying tactics that could sway Mille back round to Liam’s side.

But it wasn’t just the men of the villa having a hard time with the S word. Our fragile queen Faye was also facing the consequences of her brash recoupling with Sam, Teddy seeking to understand how Faye could so easily mistrust him after just two days. It was with relief then that after 24 hours of Faye self-sabotaging her own happiness, the wall she had built started to slowly come down: she admitted that she had acted “like a t***” before smooching Teddy in reconciliation. All of this makes things very awkward for our new boys, who have already been openly and publicly cast as little more than sideshow rebounds. Hey, it was a fun holiday while it lasted, right Sam?

After a five-star episode, Toby could have at least allowed us some respite, but no. My friend made the acute observation that when Toby is in trouble, you can see a frontal lobe struggling to be born; the idea of facing consequences for his actions is so completely foreign to him that his smooth brain simply cannot comprehend it.

Will Toby manage to do a complete 180 and return to Chloe, or will a newer, shinier toy (adult woman) arrive just in time to steal his attention?

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