American Horror Story season 7 trailer reveals its Donald Trump connection

Cult has already been teased as having a political theme, with the season opening on election night 

Clarisse Loughrey
Wednesday 23 August 2017 16:17 BST
American Horror Story Season 7 Trailer

We've finally seen our first footage from American Horror Story: Cult.

After a string of the traditional teasers, with bees and clowns aplenty, FX have now released a first full trailer for the show, revealing both its plot and the extent of the political themes showrunner Ryan Murphy had previously hinted at.

As promised, we begin things on election night. Sarah Paulson gets to deliver one of her trademark screams as Ally but, this time, not at any supernatural frights but at the fact Donald Trump won the election.

Evan Peters' Kai, however, seems jubilant. Knowing his connection to the titular cult, it's unknown at this point whether it's out of actual support for Trump, or whether he's a sort of anarchist delighting in the ensuing chaos.

We then see Ally with her therapist (Cheyenne Jackson), as she explains that her traumas have since reemerged - a synopsis released by FOX Netherlands (via Reddit) suggests they originally connect back to 9/11 - and that her fear of clowns has become particularly acute.

Cue the return of Freak Show's Twisty, albeit in comic form, and some mischievous doings by Kai and his associate Winter (Billie Lourd), who seem intent on pushing Ally over the edge.

A preview of the opening credits listed five main cast members: Paulson, Peters, Jackson, Lourd, and Alison Pill (who plays Paulson's wife). However, considering how spaced out those names are, it appears Cult is keen to keep a few of its stars secret for now.

That said, Emma Roberts has been officially confirmed as returning, Lena Dunham will appear in one episode, and Colton Haynes, Leslie Grossman, and Adina Porter will also all appear.

American Horror Story: Cult will premiere 5 September.

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