Snoop Dogg has Anderson Cooper in stitches as he plays ‘Have You Gotten High There?’ with Andy Cohen

‘Have you gotten high… at a bris?’

Clémence Michallon
New York City
Friday 01 January 2021 18:14
Snoop Dogg plays 'Have You Gotten High There' with Andy Cohen
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The best television moment of 2021 appears to have already happened.

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper hosted their traditional live New Year’s Eve broadcast from New York City’s Times Square on Thursday night.

Shortly after the ball dropped – and the East Coast of the US officially entered 2021 – Cohen and Cooper welcomed Snoop Dogg as a remote guest via video link.

“I want to play a game with you, because you’re so upfront about your smoking,” Cohen told the rapper. “I want to play a game with you called Have You Gotten High There?”

The host then explained he was about to name a series of locations and expected Snoop Dogg to say whether he has ever smoked marijuana in each of them.

“I like that,” Snoop Dogg said softly.

“Have you gotten high on a yacht?” Cohen asked, to which Snoop Dogg enthusiastically proclaimed: “I! Have! Gotten! High! There!”

Cohen then asked: “Have you gotten high at the White House?” – to which Snoop Dogg replied: “Yes, yes, yes.”

That is when Cooper began expressing his dismay and laughing in response to Cohen and Snoop’s exchange.

“What is happening?” Cooper mused after Cohen asked Snoop Dogg: “Have you gotten high at Martha Stewart’s house?” (Stewart and Snoop have cohosted the show Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party for three seasons.)

“Let me handle this,” Cohen told Cooper, right before Snoop Dogg replied with what would remain his catchphrase for most of the rest of the game: “Yes, yes, yes!”

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Cohen went on to ask Snoop whether he has got high “at a bar mitzvah” (“Yes, yes, yes!”), prompting Cooper to ask between two fits of giggles: “Where am I? Where am I?”

More locations included “an NFL football game” (“Yes, yes, yes, and I almost got thrown out!”), “an awards show” (“Yes, yes, yes!”), and “the Oscars”. “I’ve never been to the Oscars, but when I do go, you better know that I will,” Snoop Dogg said.

Eventually, Cohen asked Snoop Dogg: “Have you gotten high… on CNN?” Candid as ever, the artist replied: “No, but in front of the CNN building on Sunset Boulevard I have!” Cooper laughed so hard in response he briefly left the frame.

He could still be heard bursting with laughter when Cohen asked his follow-up: “Have you gotten high… at the DMV?” – which received a relatively rare: “That would be a no-no” from Snoop.

Cohen’s final question was: “Have you gotten high… at a bris?” It was welcomed with more laughter from Cooper, and even Snoop Dogg had to take a few moments to collect himself before declaring: “Yes, yes, yes!”

Cooper exclaimed in disbelief: “No!” but Snoop Doog insisted: “This is the Dogg of all Doggs we’re talking about, Andy!”

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