Schitt’s Creek’s Annie Murphy reveals she once licked Chris Martin’s sweat off her own hand

Canadian actor made confession on ‘The Tonight Show’

Isobel Lewis
Thursday 17 June 2021 12:32
Schitt's Creek season 6 trailer

Schitt’s Creek star Annie Murphy has revealed that she once licked Coldplay singer Chris Martin’s sweat off her own hand.

Appearing with fellow guest Seth Meyers on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (16 June), the actor took part in a game of True Confessions, in which guests must read out a fact about themselves and the others figure out whether or not it’s true.

The Canadian star read from a card with the words “I once licked Chris Martin’s sweat off my own hand”, before claiming that the incident took place at a concert.

“If that’s true, that makes all three of us. We’ve all done this,” Fallon joked.

He then asked: “So you were at a concert… you had good seats, I’m assuming?”

“Great, all access,” Murphy replied. “I don’t want to brag, but all access.”

She then claimed that the incident had happened about 10 years ago, before she rose to fame on Schitt’s Creek.

“You grabbed him and he pulled away and then you had his sweat on your hand. Your immediate reaction was to lick it off?” Fallon questioned, with Murphy explaining: “[My friends] looked at me with pride and disgust.”

Fallon and Meyers correctly guessed that the story was true, with the actor adding: “I didn’t plan it. It was just a voice in my head that was like, ‘You need to do it.’”

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