Arthur fans in tears as classic children’s cartoon ends after 25 years

Fans described it as the ‘end of an era’

Louis Chilton
Tuesday 22 February 2022 14:33 GMT
Classic children’s cartoon Arthur ends after 25 years

Fans have mourned the end of beloved children’s cartoon Arthur after 25 years on the air.

The series, which focused on the life of anthropomorphic aardvark Arthur Reed, concluded with four future-set episodes showing what happened to the characters as they grew into adults.

PBS, which owns the rights to the show, has said that while the series is now finished, Arthur will live on in future via “a podcast, video shorts that tackle timely and compelling topics, and digital games”.

Fans expressed their sorrow over the series ending on social media, with some describing it as the “end of an era”.

“Having it end with Arthur and the gang becoming adults and Arthur narrating his story from the first episode as one of his books is probably the best ending the series could’ve had,” wrote one person.

Arthur somewhat shaped my childhood,” wrote another. “As a kid, this show brought me so much joy when i would watch it after a long day from school. I’m sad that this monumental show is ending but all good things must come to an end.”

Another fan wrote: “Most shows that run for this long lose a bit of what made em special but Arthur is one of the few exceptions that was able to keep seasonal rot at bay.

“Thanks for being such a great memory from my childhood and ending it on a high note.”

“Just found out that Arthur is ending today at 4.30pm. I though it would end winter of this year guess I will be crying much soon than I thought,” one fan said.

In the UK, some seasons of Arthur can be streamed now on Prime Video.

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