Britain’s Got Talent: David Walliams shocked by contortionist Papi Flex’s terrifying graveyard audition

‘It’s an incredible talent, but for me, it’s not one you need to share with the world’

Louis Chilton
Sunday 27 September 2020 13:31
Britain's Got Talent: David Walliams terrified as contortionist Papi Flex performs from graveyard

Contortionist Papi Flexi left Britain’s Got Talent judges stunned after performing his audition from a graveyard in Belgium.

The frightening display was Flexi’s second on the show, and left BGT judge David Walliams proclaiming that the routine was unsuitable for the show’s youngest viewers.

Following the performance, Walliams said: “What are we thinking? Children watch this show! It was so terrifying and if it wasn’t scary enough, you put him in a graveyard.” 

“It’s an incredible talent, but for me, it’s not one you need to share with the world, you just do it at home in your bedroom in front of the mirror.”

Fellow judge Amanda Holden also appeared freaked out by the audition, saying: “Look at him, he is so handsome – he’s a good looking boy and it horrifies me when I see him doing his act.

“I can’t watch the finger thing. It was beautifully executed, nicely staged it was just horrible.”

Ashely Banjo, who joined the hit ITV talent series recently, was more receptive to the contortion display. 

“I sort of love being horrified and love being shocked,” he said.

Walliams faced criticism earlier this year after his popular children’s books were accused of being “sneering classist fatshaming nonsense” and of “targeting the working class” by food writer and activist Jack Monroe.  

His sketch series Little Britain was also at the centre of controversy earlier this year, as Walliams and co-creator Matt Lucas apologised for the irreverent comedy’s use of blackface.

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